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WEF Core
An installation of WEF Core provides you with enterprise level development functionality, which allows you to build applets within WordPress.
WEF Menu
Our WEF Menu add-on allows you to build native WordPress menus with the same scoping capabilities as your WEF applets.

We also offer the following add-ons, but you must have an active installation of WEF Core and WEF Menu to use these add-ons:

  • WEF Authentication – Active Directory
  • WEF Reports Framework
  • WEF-DB Link: MSSQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL

What is WEF?

Many companies manage users and security through Active Directory. They store their data in Microsoft SQL server. They use WordPress for their customer-facing websites. They access their mission-critical data through proprietary fat-client software. At the same time, many of these companies also use WordPress for customer-facing websites.

WEF is the key to bringing the strengths of WordPress to mission-critical data. Customer expectations are growing every day. Customers expect to be able to place orders online. Employees need to be able to see order status anywhere and at any time.

WordPress Enterprise Framework has been in continuous development for the past four years, and is being used daily to support both large and small companies. Through tight integration with Microsoft technologies, we are able to build solutions that work with a company’s existing systems.

WEF is more user friendly, more flexible and specifically tailored to our proprietary business needs vs. an out of the box canned software with a “one size fits all” design. In addition to the efficiencies we gained, WEF is estimated to save our company $150,000 over the next three years and can be integrated into other business processes.

Mason Holley

(SVP Corporate Development)

Southland Log Homes

An Enterprise Level Solution

We believe that an agile, custom-built solution will meet your client’s needs far more often than a big box system. That is why we built WEF. We took the rich, user-friendly content management of WordPress and extended it to support enterprise systems.

  • solution_enterprise

       Solution for Enterprises


    Why consider WEF?

    • WEF frees you from the burden to purchase and maintain overpriced and complex software.
    • WEF is a smaller, more affordable customized system that exactly matches your needs.
    • You get exactly what you want using what you already have!
    • Your content creators can work directly on WordPress.
    • WEF enables your customers to serve themselves, saving you time and money.
    • WEF works for all levels of your organization — for head office administrators, multi-site locations, sales reps, and distributors.

  • elect

       Solution for Developers

    Grow you business with WEF!

    • You can offer your clients a smaller, more affordable custom system that exactly matches their needs.
    • WEF allows you to quickly and securely develop responsive web content that integrates with production databases and ERP systems.
    • WEF works for all levels of your client’s organization — for top administrators, multi-site locations, sales reps and vendors.
    • When your client’s customers can serve themselves, you save your client time and money.

Protection and Presence

WEF uses the world’s fastest growing platform, WordPress, along with Microsoft Security to give your employees and customers the real-tme information they need to be effective.

Is my data protected?

Absolutely! WEF syncs brilliantly with Microsoft Security. It easily manages who sees what. WEF makes it possible for you to synchronize Active Directory users and groups within WordPress. WEF was designed as a WordPress plugin to work with legacy systems.

Why move to WordPress?

WordPress has established itself as the premier platform to build your web presence. Companies like NY Times, Time Magazine, CNN, NBC Sports, Best Buy and Sony have migrated to WordPress.


BRIDGE: Connecting WordPress with your DataBase

WEF allows WordPress and Active Directory to talk to each other. When users log into their web portal (WordPress), the local groups and information are synched with the WordPress online data. This provides a fully featured system without the hassles of systems like SharePoint.

 WEF is the BRIDGE to interface with your back-end servers.

Let WordPress do what it’s best at: public facing, web, content management (CMS).
And it is all open source, so you can always find skilled developers!

Now you can let WordPress do its job and WEF will interface with your internal database.

Why deal with a proprietary CMS that is so embedded that you must upgrade everything?

We separate the front end (using WP CMS with SEO optimization) from the back end (all your data). Then we provide a BRIDGE between the two: WEF.

Frequently Asked Questions


We have a high end proprietary product. Is it worth the risk to go with a smaller, custom product like WEF?


WEF will run your enterprise at dramatically lest cost while saving you many headaches during regular use and future upgrades. And you will still own and control all your own data.


We purchased an all-in-one solution but use just a fraction of it. With WEF, what happens when we change or grow?


WEF is a nimble, customized product designed to help your business to grow. Our experienced team thrives on making WEF adapt and scale to your changing needs. It is what we do!

Advanced ERP Customizations: LumberTrack™

We have extensive experience delivering content/data from ERP systems to employees and customers. Using WEF, we map traditionally offline data to customers and employees via web portals accessible on your desktop or mobile device.

WEF maps data from the LumberTrack™ ERP system to provide pricing, order history, and other pertinent information for customers. LumberTrack user employees can access real-time reports on sales, margin, resource usage, and customer trends.

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